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Mansory Energyzer

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Origin: AUSTRIA / GERMANY Packing: Aluminum cans 250 ml, 24 cans / box, 86.000 cans / truck. DIMENSION BAX: 23 cm × 33 cm × 15 cm

Minimum Quantity: 1 TRUCK

Energy Drink with:

  • High content caffeine: 32 mg/100ml
Nutrition facts per 100ml
Energy value Protein Carbohydrates Of witch sugar Fat Of witch saturate Roughage Sodium Niacin Pantothenic Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 207 kj  /48,8 kcal 0,4 g 11,3g 11,3g < 0,1g < 0,1g < 0,1g 0.09g 7,92 mg/44% RDA 1,98 mg / 33% RDA 2mg/100% RDA 2microg / 200 %RDA
  • Ingredients: water, sugar, acidifier citric, Carbonate, acidity regulator, odium citrate, taurina 0.38 %, glucose-fructose corn-syrup, caffeine.
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