Copper Concentrate


Utilities : chemical, medicinal, industries, for more details check in

Copper concentrates @35% min TC content

Nature copper sulphade

Treatment : crused & treatment by acid sulphuric

Size : client spec

Packing : big bags 1 Mt

Other elements: client specs.

Origin : Tanzania, Zambia, RD Congo, Marocco

 Treatment plant : Dar El Salaam, Ndola, Likasi, Casablanca

Quantity: minimum 1000 MT / month

Loading : Dar Es Salaam , Beira, Durban, Casablanca

Price : minimum Cu 35% , LME – discount%  with Formula after Requirement,  

Delivery: FOB or C&F 

Clearing agent : C. Steinweg or Impala


  • Mine license ( copy)
  • Export license ( copy)
  • Certificate of Origin (original)
  • Declaration of export (original)
  • Duty export tax & clearance (original)
  • HBL or master BL depend on delivery (original)
  • Independent inspection company certificate Q &Q
  • Commercial Invoice 3 exemplars (original)

Documents, on client request can be authentificated  at Public Notary, in the country of origin .

All 3T minerals delivered , all accompany by Free Conflict Zone Certificate, issued by Ministry of Mine in country of origin, MSDS certificate, CFS compliance issued by the seller.

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