Burger Beer

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Burger Beer

Launched in 2003, Burger has shortly become the preferred choice of the Romanians due to its unique taste obtained from combining the mountain spring water with the best ingredients.

   Placed in the Lager beers category and produced after an original German recipe, with hop from the German region of Hallertau and water from Stâna de Vale, from 1,100 meters altitude, BÜRGER Premium Pils is a smooth beer, with a pleasant flavor of hop and malt, having the characteristic bitter taste.

The „Fresh Pack” PET keeps Burger beer fresh for a longer period of time, preventing the loss of CO2 or the gain of oxygen and offers the guarantee of an easy to handle pack, produced under perfect hygiene conditions, without human intervention.

With an alcoholic concentration of 4,8%, the BÜRGER Beer is bottled in 0,5L, 1L, 2L and 2,5L PET flasks, 0,5L glass bottles and aluminum cans and 30L and 50L kegs.